Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Technology Skills

    Technology skills are extremely important for librarians today. After all, we are information professionals and technology is the most important information tool in today's society. The technology skills I have gained through my own personal use, through my professional experience, and through my university studies have enhanced my skills as an information professional. Web 2.0 tools, like social networking, are an under used tool in elementary settings. As is well known, young students are very capable of navigating technologies. It is up to us to provide them with opportunities to express themselves and explore knowledge through the technologies available. I have learned many ways to incorporate new technologies into learning experiences for my students. I will strive throughout my career as an information professional to stay informed about the latest technologies. This is one area of professional development that will enable me, as a librarian, to remain and continue to be a relevant useful resource. I vow not to become an old dusty out of date rarely read edition of librarian but to be a LIBRARIAN 2.0!

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