Saturday, November 3, 2012

Teaching Poetry with Technology

Elementary Poetry Lesson that focuses on Cinquain:

1. Read the following;
Almost Gingerbread
Clever and Kind
Following white pebbles
Finds the gingerbread house
Yum! Yum!

Now say, “I just read you a poem about a fairy tale we have read. Do you
know what fairy tale it came from?”
Today you will write a poem like the one I wrote! This type of poem is called cinquain. Let's review Cinquains. . . Review cinquains with students using the PBS Kids website - Cinquains:
Next show more colorful examples of cinquain poems using BING or Google images.

1. Have the students brainstorm names of characters in fairy tales they have
read. Use the first line as an example. List the rest under it. This poster
will be used as a suggestion list for when the students write their

2. Discuss the adjectives or describing words. Use the second piece of
poster board to list as many adjectives as children can brainstorm which
describe fairy tale characters.

3. On a third poster list action words or verbs to be used in line three. 4. Finally, make a list of words associated with the ending of fairy tales. 5. Hang all of these lists on the board, in the order they appear in a cinquian.
1. Explain that cinq is French for five, and each poem have five lines.
Provide students with a copy of the attached page and allow them to write
their own cinquians about a character or situation in a fairy tale. Then have them use a Web 2.0 Tool such as Prezi or Photo Peach to publish their cinquains. 

Evaluation of students:
1. By observing the students during the lesson and while they are completing
the project the teacher will determine if the student has successfully
completed the lesson.

Follow up the lesson with the following online games as extentsion/practice activities for students:
Write an Instant Cinquain:
iPad APP - Poetry Creator:

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