Monday, September 24, 2012

iPads for Education

Checking Out the iPad (Foote, 2010) is loaded with ideas for iPads in Educational Settings. Here is just a sampling of the possibilities!

As an Instructional Tool:

Special education teachers found that the iPad can be a great instructional tool for students with disabilities. APPs that allow students to record themselves or listen to recorded materials were found to be helpful for students, as well as, APPs that can be used for note taking and learning sign language (p. 18).  

The iPad is also an excellent tool for teacher professional development iTunes U and TED APPs are excellent resources for

The iPad also provides quick and easy internet access and can be used either individually or with a document camera or VGA cord for whole group instruction (p. 18).

As a Library Tool:

In the library the iPad is an excellent research tool. It has the ability to make searches much more efficient for students because of its speed, “portability”, and ease of use (p. 18). There are several APPs that can help students gather, organize, and store information they find.   

iPads are also useful in libraries as e-readers. They are very visually appealing and engaging and can contain many volumes of books, magazines, newspapers, & virtual textbooks (p. 19).   

As a Tool for Collaboration:

The iPad is an excellent collaboration tool. It can be used by groups of students in many ways including: research, centers or DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Activities, games, visual presentations, and much more (p. 19).

The iPad is a wonderful 21st century learning tool that has endless possibilities!

iPad APPs for Library 2.0




Recorded Note taking

Sundry Memos

Records Text, Audio, & Visual Memos

Tap to Talk

Voice Recordings

ASL for iPad

Learn sign language

iTunes U and TED

Professional Development Videos

Popplet Lite



Organize devices, take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders, & more.


Personalized magazine of everything shared w/ you (Facebook, twitter, Google+ Circles, etc.)

iSource MLA

Formats bibliography & in-text citations, saves citations & has formatting rules.

iBooks, NOOK, Kindle, Stanza



Virtual Textbook


Video Production

Alice in Wonderland

Interactive Children’s Storybook




Foote, C. (2010). Checking Out the iPad. Multimedia & Internet@Schools, 17(6), 17-19.

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